Kaya Scodelario’s Natural Makeup Look

Hey there! Are you ready to learn about Kaya Scodelario’s natural makeup look? In this Vogue video, Kaya shares her daily skincare and makeup routine, focusing on achieving a light and easy springy look. She talks about her travel beauty routine, embracing her freckles, the makeup look she developed for her character in “The Gentlemen,” and her love for American Sephora. Throughout the video, she provides insights into her routine, emphasizing the importance of hydration, taking care of the skin, and finding products that you love and stick with. So get ready to dive into Kaya Scodelario’s beauty secrets and discover how she achieves her gorgeous natural look!

Skincare Routine


The first step in Kaya Scodelario’s skincare routine is using an ordinary cleanser. After a long-haul flight from London to Los Angeles, Kaya’s face can feel gross, dirty, and clogged. Cleansing her skin helps to remove any impurities and refresh her complexion.


When Kaya is traveling for work, she often experiences dry skin. To combat this, she incorporates a toner into her skincare routine. Toner helps to balance the skin’s pH levels and provides additional hydration.


To further boost hydration and moisture in her skin, Kaya applies a serum. Serums are packed with potent ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin, providing nourishment and improving its overall appearance.


Moisturizer is an essential step in Kaya’s skincare routine. It helps to seal in the previous products and provides a protective barrier for the skin. Kaya emphasizes the importance of moisturizing, especially after years of neglecting this step.

Under Eye Cream

Jet lag can take a toll on the under-eye area, leaving it looking tired and puffy. To combat this, Kaya uses a little bit of under-eye cream. This helps to hydrate and brighten the delicate skin around her eyes, giving her a refreshed and awake appearance.

Embracing Freckles

Not hiding freckles

Kaya has learned to embrace her freckles and no longer feels the need to hide them. In the past, she used to use a lot of concealer to cover them up. However, she now sees her freckles as a part of her identity and believes that freckles are cool.

Using less concealer

Instead of trying to hide her freckles, Kaya now uses less concealer. She appreciates the natural beauty of her freckles and no longer feels the need to cover them completely. This allows her freckles to shine through and adds to her overall look.

Kaya Scodelarios Natural Makeup Look

Makeup Tips for Long-Haul Flights


Kaya emphasizes the importance of hydration on long-haul flights. She admits that she should drink more water during these flights to combat dry skin. Hydrating the body from within can help prevent skin dehydration, ensuring a healthier and more radiant complexion.

Taking care of the skin

Kaya has learned the importance of taking care of her skin, especially during long-haul flights. Previously, she would neglect proper skincare, including removing her makeup. However, she now understands that her skin needs to be properly cared for, and she ensures to prioritize skincare even when traveling.

Favorite Products

Favorite tinted lip balm

Kaya’s favorite product is a tinted lip balm. She loves the subtle color it provides while keeping her lips moisturized. This product is easy to apply and adds a touch of color to her natural makeup look.

Factor 50 sunscreen primer

Kaya’s go-to sunscreen is a factor 50 sunscreen primer. This product not only protects her skin from harmful UV rays but also acts as a primer, creating a smooth canvas for her makeup. Its multi-functionality is especially important to Kaya, as she prefers to keep her skincare routine simple and efficient.

Mac Face and Body foundation

Kaya has been using Mac Face and Body foundation for the past 15 years and considers it one of her favorite products. When she finds a product that she truly loves, she sticks with it. This foundation provides a lightweight, natural finish, perfect for her everyday makeup look.

Kaya Scodelarios Natural Makeup Look

Makeup Look for ‘The Gentlemen’

Establishing the character’s look

In her current project, “The Gentlemen,” Kaya plays a character named Susie Glass. Kaya worked closely with the makeup team to establish Susie’s look. The character’s aesthetic was of great importance, and they wanted to create a strong and unique everyday look for her.

Sharp eyeliner

To achieve Susie’s signature look, Kaya focused on creating sharp eyeliner. The eyeliner played a crucial role in establishing Susie’s character, as it added a bold and confident element to her appearance. The eyeliner was described as sharp enough to kill a man, emphasizing Susie’s fierce personality.

Eyebrow Maintenance


Kaya emphasizes the importance of maintaining her eyebrows. She mentions that while her friends were busy plucking their eyebrows in the early 2000s, she was not allowed to do so. Now, she gets her eyebrows threaded and shaped, which helps her feel like herself again.

Feeling like herself again

Eyebrow maintenance plays a significant role in Kaya’s routine. It allows her to feel like herself, even after being transformed into different characters for her acting roles. Properly shaped and maintained eyebrows help maintain her identity and boost her confidence.

Kaya Scodelarios Natural Makeup Look

Love for American Sephora

Finding new brands

Kaya expresses her love for American Sephora stores. She enjoys visiting Sephora because she believes they have a wider range of options compared to other stores. She particularly enjoys discovering new brands and products before they become mainstream.

Clean beauty products

The clean beauty movement is something Kaya appreciates, especially when it comes to American Sephora stores. She believes that Los Angeles and America, in general, are at the forefront of clean beauty products. Clean beauty is important to her as she strives to use products that are better for her skin and the environment.

Sharing Experience with Son

Son’s perception of her job

Kaya shares an important experience she had with her son, where she took him to set for 12 hours. Prior to that, her son had only seen her getting her hair and makeup done and didn’t fully understand the unglamorous side of her job. This experience helped her son gain a better understanding of her work and appreciate the effort and hard work that goes into it.

Showing the unglamorous side

By showing her son the unglamorous side of her job, Kaya aimed to provide him with a more realistic perception. She wanted him to see that being on set involves long hours, hard work, and a dedicated team behind the scenes. This allowed her son to gain a deeper appreciation for her profession.

Signature Eyeliner

Effy-inspired makeup

Kaya mentions that her signature eyeliner technique was inspired by Effy, a character she portrayed in her earlier acting days. Effy’s intense makeup style influenced Kaya, and she still loves incorporating a similar eyeliner technique into her looks.

Previous eyeliner technique

Kaya used to follow a unique technique to create her signature eyeliner. She would light the end of a pencil eyeliner with a lighter and smudge it onto her eyelid. While this technique created the desired effect, it unfortunately led to some burnt skin incidents. As a result, she no longer uses this technique.

Eyeliner’s impact on her career

Kaya mentions that her signature eyeliner has become something that resonates with many people. It has earned her recognition and has had a positive impact on her career. She takes pride in the fact that her makeup choices have become iconic and continue to be appreciated by her fans.

Personal Perfume Choice

Wearing a different perfume for each character

Kaya shares a unique and personal approach to her perfume choices. For each character she portrays, she wears a specific perfume that helps her embody the character’s essence. This technique allows her to instantly switch into character mode when she smells the chosen fragrance.

Choosing a light and easy scent for herself

When it comes to her personal perfume choice, Kaya prefers something light and easy. She opts for a fragrance that embodies a refreshing and spring-like vibe. This choice reflects her desire for a simple and effortless routine that complements her natural and everyday makeup look.

Kaya Scodelario has shared her everyday skincare and makeup routine for achieving a natural, fresh look. In this video, Kaya discusses her beauty regimen during long flights, her embrace of her freckles, and how she developed the makeup look for her character in “The Gentlemen.” She also expresses her love for American Sephora and much more.

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