Chloë Grace Moretz Gets Ready for the Louis Vuitton Show in Paris | Vogue

Hey there! Today we’re diving into the world of fashion with a behind-the-scenes look at Chloë Grace Moretz’s preparation for the Louis Vuitton show in Paris. In this Vogue video, Chloë shares her experience growing up on film, reminisces about her mom’s fabulous wardrobe, and discusses her training for an upcoming role as a UFC fighter. As she gets ready with her glam squad, she reveals her hairstyle and makeup choices for the day, and expresses her excitement to be in Paris for a longer period of time. From the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower from her suite to the incredible art and history at the Louvre, this glimpse into Chloë’s journey is sure to captivate fashion enthusiasts.

Getting Ready for the Louis Vuitton Show

Chloë Grace Moretz Gets Ready for the Louis Vuitton Show in Paris | Vogue

Introduction to Chloë Grace Moretz

Welcome to Paris, where we join actor Chloë Grace Moretz as she gets ready for Nicolas Ghesquière’s 10th anniversary Louis Vuitton show at the Louvre. Known for her talent and unique style, Chloë takes us behind the scenes to share her experiences and preparations for the highly anticipated fashion event.

The Suit with a Beautiful View

Chloë’s suite offers a breathtaking view of Paris, with a glimpse of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Although running a little late, she generously invites us into her space as she prepares for the grand occasion.

The Glam Squad: Misha and Jacob

Chloë introduces us to her trusted glam squad, Misha and Jacob, who play integral roles in achieving her desired look for the show. Misha and Jacob understand Chloë’s vision, making her feel comfortable and confident throughout the process.

The Haircut: Going Shorter

Last summer, Chloë opted for a bob haircut, which has since become somewhat of an obsession. She reveals that she has been gradually going shorter and shorter, with each trim adding a touch of sophistication to her look. Jacob, her hairstylist, visits her in Paris to lend his expertise and give her hair the perfect finishing touch.

Makeup: A Bold Red Lip

For the Louis Vuitton show, Chloë’s makeup artist decided on a bold red lip, opting for an ox blood shade that is reminiscent of Parisian elegance. Chloë loves how this choice adds a touch of glamour, bringing the look together and evoking the spirit of the city.

Memories of Filming in Paris

Chloë reminisces about her experience filming “Hugo Cabra” in Paris when she was just thirteen years old. Being able to spend an extended period in the city during the summer left a lasting impression on her. She treasures the memories of working in such a vibrant and culturally rich environment.

Chloë Grace Moretz Gets Ready for the Louis Vuitton Show in Paris | Vogue

Growing Up with Fashion

Chloë reveals that her mother’s love for fashion heavily influenced her own sense of style. As she grew up, her mother’s wardrobe became a source of inspiration and a reflection of their close bond. Although some pieces are no longer in existence, Chloë cherishes the memories associated with her mother’s impeccable taste.

Building a Character Through Clothing

As an actor, Chloë recognizes the importance of costume design in building a character. Clothes, hair, and makeup play a significant role in transforming an actor into the embodiment of their character. Chloë describes the thrill and satisfaction of seeing herself fully transformed when stepping onto the set.

The Influence of Film on Chloë Grace Moretz

Having grown up in the film industry since the age of five, Chloë acknowledges the immense impact it has had on her life. Acting has shaped her identity and provided her with a platform to connect with a dedicated fan base. She appreciates the opportunities it has given her, allowing her to explore various roles and expand her abilities as an actress.

Chloë Grace Moretz Gets Ready for the Louis Vuitton Show in Paris | Vogue

Preparing for a Role as a UFC Fighter

Chloë shares her excitement and challenges in preparing for a role as a UFC fighter in an upcoming movie. With a background in martial arts, Chloë looks forward to showcasing her skills and taking on the physical demands of the role. The prospect of a fight camp and rigorous training excites her, as it allows her to push her boundaries and fully immerse herself in her craft.

The Nervousness and Zen

The Pre-Show Nerves

Even for someone as experienced as Chloë, nerves are an inevitable part of any significant performance. Chloë admits that feeling nervous is a sign of caring deeply about the outcome. Despite her nerves, she embraces the adrenaline and channeling it into her performance.

Meditation for Calmness

To find her equilibrium amidst the pre-show nerves, Chloë shares that she recently incorporated meditation into her routine. Joining her stylist, Nell, for a 20-minute meditation session before the show helps her find inner peace and maintain a sense of calmness. Chloë appreciates the moments of stillness and introspection it offers.

Working with Nicolas Ghesquière

Chloë expresses her admiration for Nicolas Ghesquière, the creative genius behind Louis Vuitton. Having worked with him for several years, Chloë commends his exceptional talent, kindness, and undivided attention to detail. She acknowledges the privilege of collaborating with such a renowned designer and is grateful for the opportunities he has provided her.

Getting Dressed

Exploring the Look of the Day

Chloë gives us a glimpse of the stunning outfit she will be donning for the Louis Vuitton show. The ensemble features a unique design that combines the appearance of a top and skirt into one elegant dress. The intricate draping adds a regal and feminine touch, capturing Chloë’s attention and admiration.

The Classic Regal and Chic Dress

Chloë shares her fondness for the classic, regal, and chic dress chosen for the Louis Vuitton show. The stylish piece accentuates her elegance and enhances her confidence on the runway. Chloë appreciates the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into creating this extraordinary garment.

The Challenge of Putting on Earrings

Despite her excitement and confidence, Chloë playfully confesses that she struggles with putting on earrings. The challenge lies in achieving the perfect balance between adding the right amount of width without overwhelming her delicate features. Chloë values the subtle yet significant contribution that accessories make to complete her overall look.

Joining the Louis Vuitton Family

Bonding with Other Louis Vuitton Girls

Chloë expresses her enthusiasm for being a part of the Louis Vuitton family and the camaraderie she shares with her fellow models and ambassadors. She embraces the opportunity to bond with other Louis Vuitton girls, celebrating their unique individualities and forming lasting connections.

Excitement for the Show and Afterparty

As the show approaches, Chloë eagerly anticipates the unveiling of the breathtaking collection. The combination of artistic surroundings, historical significance, and the company of esteemed fashion professionals exudes an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. Chloë looks forward to the afterparty, where she and her fellow Louis Vuitton girls can let loose and celebrate a successful show.


Reflecting on the Experience

Chloë reflects on her journey, from the preparations for the Louis Vuitton show to the joy and challenges of her acting career. She expresses gratitude for the opportunities she has been given and the growth she has experienced as an artist and individual.

Thanking the Audience

Chloë extends her heartfelt appreciation to her audience for joining her in this behind-the-scenes journey. She acknowledges the support and love she receives from her fans, which fuels her passion and drive to continue pursuing her dreams in the world of fashion and film.

In this video, you can watch as Chloë Grace Moretz gets ready for the Louis Vuitton show in Paris. She is preparing for the 10th anniversary show by Nicolas Ghesquière at the Louvre. While getting ready, Chloë talks about her experiences growing up in the film industry, her mom’s unique fashion choices, and her training to play a UFC fighter. It’s an interesting look into her life.