Victoria Beckham discusses her career transition from singer to designer

In a recent interview with Vogue, Victoria Beckham Opens Up about her career transition from being a singer to becoming a renowned fashion designer. The interview covers various topics, including her personal style, the “Beckham” documentary, and her design process. Victoria also shares advice for her children and hints at the possibility of becoming a grandmother. Additionally, she discusses her role as a mother-in-law, her favorite Vogue cover, her birthday plans, and her thoughts on aging gracefully. The interview delves into rapid-fire questions, her hidden Instagram account, and her memories as a member of the Spice Girls. Victoria Beckham’s journey from singer to designer is an inspiring and captivating story that showcases her talent and determination.

Throughout the interview, Victoria talks about her fashion brand and personal style. She reveals that she enjoys planning her outfits ahead of time and does not work with a stylist, except when she’s doing shows. Starting her clothing line was driven by her passion and dream, although she admits to having naivety back then. However, she is proud of her accomplishments as a designer and continues to work hard to prove herself. Victoria shares that she designs four collections a year, including accessories and collaborations. She would love to dress Kate Blanchett and also enjoys wearing vintage clothes. Family plays an essential role in her life, as she discusses her close-knit Beckham family and her role as a mother-in-law. Victoria is excited about the 30th anniversary of the Spice Girls, and she cherishes the special legacy they share. The interview provides valuable insight into Victoria Beckham’s career journey, personal style, and the impact she has made in the fashion industry.

Career Transition

From singer to designer

Victoria Beckham discusses her career transition from being a singer to becoming a fashion designer. She explains that her original thought behind starting her clothing line, Victoria Beckham, was a passion and a dream. She acknowledges that she may have been naive back then, but she is proud of what she has accomplished as a designer. Despite any preconceptions others may have had, she continues to work hard and prove herself in the fashion industry.

Design process and the ‘Beckham’ documentary

Victoria Beckham shares insights into her design process, revealing that she designs four collections a year, including accessories and collaborations. She talks about planning her outfits ahead of time and having options, which is something she learned from her husband David Beckham, who plans his outfits a week in advance. Victoria also mentions the documentary about her life and fashion career, called “Beckham,” which was well-received. She explains that the documentary was a very real and honest portrayal of herself and her family, and she was thrilled by the positive reaction it received.

Personal Style and Fashion Brand

Victoria’s personal style

Victoria Beckham shares that her personal style is classic and chic. She enjoys wearing vintage clothes and finds hidden gems in vintage stores whenever she is in New York or London. She reveals that if she’s not wearing her own designs, she often opts for vintage pieces.

Her approach to planning outfits

Victoria explains that she likes to plan her outfits ahead of time and make sure she has all eventualities covered. She values organization and believes that being prepared helps her feel confident and put-together.

Working without a stylist

Contrary to popular belief, Victoria reveals that she does not work with a stylist on a regular basis. She only works with a stylist when she is doing shows. She prefers to style herself and make her own fashion choices.

Starting her clothing line

Victoria Beckham reflects on the start of her clothing line and reveals that it was a passion and a dream that became a reality. She admits that she may have been naive at the time but is proud of what she has accomplished as a designer. She emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself and not being afraid to take risks.

Reflecting on her accomplishments

Despite her success as a designer, Victoria Beckham still feels the need to prove herself, but not to others. She wants to prove to herself that she can continue to grow and succeed. She values hard work and acknowledges the perseverance and dedication it takes to stay relevant in the fashion industry.

Designing four collections a year

Victoria Beckham talks about the amount of work she puts into her fashion brand, designing four collections a year. She explains that she designs two main collections and two pre-collections. In addition to clothing, she also designs accessories and collaborates with other brands.

Dreams of dressing Kate Blanchett

When asked about her dream person to dress, Victoria Beckham expresses her admiration for Kate Blanchett and reveals that dressing the actress would be a dream come true. She appreciates Kate Blanchett’s style and believes that her designs would complement her perfectly.

Enjoying vintage clothes

Victoria Beckham shares her love for vintage clothes, mentioning that she enjoys exploring vintage stores in New York and London. She finds joy in discovering unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that add a special touch to her personal style.

Victoria Beckham discusses her career transition from singer to designer

Family and Motherhood

The importance of family

Family is of utmost importance to Victoria Beckham. She emphasizes the close-knit bond of the Beckham family and how they cherish spending time together. Despite their busy lives, they make it a priority to communicate regularly and be there for each other.

Close-knit Beckham family

Victoria Beckham reveals that the Beckham family is incredibly close. She and her husband, David Beckham, make an effort not to travel at the same time so that one of them can be home with their youngest daughter, Harper. Despite their grown-up sons living their own lives, Victoria and David maintain a strong connection with them.

Children’s dating lives

As her children enter the dating world, Victoria Beckham offers her support and advice. She believes in being there for them and being a source of guidance and encouragement during this exciting time in their lives.

Being a mother-in-law

Victoria Beckham shares her thoughts on being a mother-in-law and expresses her joy in seeing her son Brooklyn get married. She values her relationship with her children’s partners and is grateful for the added love and connection they bring to the family.

Supporting her daughter’s film premiere

Victoria Beckham reveals that she is proud of her daughter’s accomplishments and supports her throughout her journey. She shares her excitement about her daughter’s upcoming film premiere and mentions that she will be dressing her for the event.

Regular communication

Communication is key for Victoria Beckham and her family. Despite their busy schedules, they make an effort to stay connected and communicate regularly. Whether it’s talking on the phone or seeing each other in person, they prioritize maintaining strong relationships.

31 Vogue covers

Victoria Beckham holds the record for being featured on the most Vogue covers compared to other interviewees, with a total of 31 covers. This achievement reflects her influence and impact in the fashion industry.

Prefer small birthday celebrations

Victoria Beckham reveals that she prefers small birthday celebrations surrounded by loved ones. She values quality time with her family and friends during special occasions and believes that intimate celebrations create more meaningful memories.

Thoughts on aging gracefully

Victoria Beckham believes that aging can be a positive experience if one is healthy, happy, ambitious, and enjoys the journey. She embraces the process of getting older and focuses on taking care of herself both physically and mentally.

Dream vacation with family

When asked about her dream vacation, Victoria Beckham expresses her desire to go somewhere beautiful in Europe with her family during the summer. She values creating happy memories and experiences with her loved ones.

Music and Guilty Pleasures

Enjoying ’90s soul and R&B music

Victoria Beckham shares her love for ’90s soul and R&B music. She reveals that it is one of her favorite genres to listen to and enjoys the nostalgia it brings.

Favorite guilty pleasure cocktail: Aperol Spritz

Victoria Beckham reveals that her favorite guilty pleasure cocktail is an Aperol Spritz. She enjoys indulging in this refreshing drink as a treat.

Victoria Beckham discusses her career transition from singer to designer

Style and Fashion Tips

Harper borrowing from her closet

Victoria Beckham shares that her daughter Harper is allowed to borrow anything from her closet. She enjoys seeing her daughter experiment with fashion and believes it’s a great way for her to express herself.

Value of her Jordan sneakers

Among her extensive collection of shoes, Victoria Beckham values her Jordan sneakers. She appreciates their unique design and finds them to be a stylish and comfortable option.

Absence of a fake Instagram account

Contrary to popular speculation, Victoria Beckham confirms that she does not have a “finsta” (fake Instagram account). However, she finds the concept interesting and understands why people might have them.

Favorite online shopping site: First Dibs

When it comes to online shopping, Victoria Beckham reveals that her favorite site is First Dibs. She appreciates the wide range of unique and luxurious pieces available on the platform.

Spice Girls

Excitement for the 30th anniversary

Victoria Beckham expresses her excitement for the 30th anniversary of the Spice Girls. She acknowledges the special legacy of the group and the impact they had on popular culture.

The special legacy of the Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham reflects on the special legacy of the Spice Girls and the impact they had on empowering women and promoting individuality. She is proud to have been a part of the group’s journey.

Connected through a group chat

The Spice Girls stay connected through a group chat. Victoria Beckham reveals that it was actually her daughter Harper who set up the chat. They value staying in touch and maintaining their friendship.

’90s soul and R&B music during workouts

During workouts, Victoria Beckham enjoys listening to ’90s soul and R&B music, which brings back nostalgic memories of her time with the Spice Girls. She finds the music energizing and motivating.

Being featured on postage stamps

Victoria Beckham mentions the honor of being featured on postage stamps. She recalls that her husband, David Beckham, was surprised when he found out. It was a special recognition of their impact as a couple.

In this interview, Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, discusses her transition from being a singer to becoming a fashion designer. She talks about her groundbreaking documentary “Beckham” and shares details about her workout playlist. Victoria also mentions what she lets her daughter Harper borrow from her closet. If you want to hear more, you can check out Vogue’s The Run-Through podcast. Vogue is the ultimate source for fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates.

Victoria Beckham discusses her career transition from singer to designer