Carey Mulligan’s Skincare Routine: Beauty Secrets Revealed

In the article titled “Carey Mulligan’s Skincare Routine: Beauty Secrets Revealed,” Vogue takes us on a journey through actor Carey Mulligan’s getting ready routine. From her love of skincare to her willingness to go all out for her movie looks, Mulligan shares her beauty secrets and reminisces about a skin emergency turning into a Met Gala transformation. She takes us through her beauty routine, including the products she uses and her step-by-step process for achieving flawless skin and makeup. Mulligan’s candid and friendly demeanor makes this article an enjoyable and informative read for anyone interested in skincare and beauty tips.

In the video, Mulligan walks us through her skincare routine, discussing each product and technique she uses. From hyaluronic acid to advanced skin repair serum and La Mer eye cream, she shares her favorite products and how she incorporates them into her daily routine. She also talks about her experience with a laser treatment for her skin, as well as her favorite sunscreen for daily use. Additionally, Mulligan discusses her approach to makeup and the different looks she has had to adopt for various roles in movies. Overall, this article provides an intimate glimpse into the skincare routine and beauty secrets of a renowned actor, making it a fascinating read for beauty enthusiasts.

Carey Mulligans Skincare Routine: Beauty Secrets Revealed

Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is essential for maintaining a healthy and radiant complexion. Carey Mulligan, an Academy Award nominee, shares her skincare routine, which has become a vital part of her self-care and beauty regimen.

Hyaluronic myel H2O

Starting her skincare routine, Carey uses Hyaluronic myel H2O, a hydrating and nourishing product that replenishes the skin with essential moisture. She finds the pump dispenser of this product incredibly pleasing and enjoys the luxurious feeling of devoting time to skincare before her busy day begins.

Advanced Skin Repair Serum

Next, Carey applies the Advanced Skin Repair Serum, a versatile product that she liberally applies all over her face. Although the recommendation is to use a small amount, Carey admits to using a more generous portion as she loves the way it feels on her skin.

lcom Moisturizer

After ensuring that her skin is adequately hydrated, Carey applies a lightweight and refreshing moisturizer from lcom. This moisturizer not only smells amazing but also provides intense hydration, leaving her skin feeling soft and supple. She emphasizes the importance of spreading the moisturizer all the way down to her neck for a comprehensive skincare routine.

La Mer eye cream

Carey’s next step involves using La Mer eye cream, a holy grail product for her. She has been a loyal user of this eye cream for a long time, and she applies it generously all around her eyes, gently smushing it to ensure its effectiveness.

Lima laser

As a special treat for herself a few years ago, Carey invested in the Lima laser, a device that combines three lasers into one. She finds it truly amazing and even used it during a long plane ride. The Lima laser aids in cell renewal and helps fade scars over time. Carey shares her personal experience with a scar she obtained from accidentally walking into a door while tending to her baby, noting that the scar has significantly diminished with the use of the Lima laser.

is Clinical Essential Sunscreen

Before moving on to her makeup routine, Carey stresses the importance of daily sun protection. She applies the is Clinical Essential Sunscreen all over her face and neck, ensuring that her skin is shielded from harmful UV rays, even on cloudy days.

Sisly Concealer

Finally, to prepare her skin for makeup, Carey applies the Sisly Concealer. As someone who values collaboration and creativity, Carey appreciates the opportunity to work with makeup artists and allow them to express their artistic vision. She emphasizes the importance of embracing a variety of looks for different roles and occasions.

Makeup Routine

Carey’s makeup routine varies depending on the role she is portraying, but she shares some of her staple products and techniques that help her achieve different looks.

Shantai Foundation

Carey’s foundation of choice is the Shantai Foundation, which she applies with her fingers. She enjoys the simplicity and the time-saving aspect of using her fingers rather than brushes.

sisly Concealer

In addition to her skincare routine, Carey uses the sisly Concealer to cover any imperfections or blemishes before applying the rest of her makeup. This concealer provides excellent coverage while still appearing natural on the skin.

Eyebrow Pencil

Carey believes that well-groomed brows can completely transform a makeup look. To achieve a natural and full appearance, she uses an eyebrow pencil and lightly fills in her brows, occasionally brushing them upwards to create a more natural and fluffy look.


For eyeshadow, Carey opts for a neutral shade that enhances her eyes without overpowering them. She believes in the power of subtlety and prefers a more understated approach to eye makeup.


As someone who prefers a softer look, Carey reaches for the Addiction Tokyo Mascara in brown instead of black. The brown color blends in more naturally with her lashes, creating a softer and more subtle effect.


To add a touch of definition to her eyes, Carey applies a little bit of eyeliner on the outer corners. She finds that this technique helps to open up her eyes and make them appear more awake and refreshed.


For a fresh and youthful look, Carey uses a blush from Valentino that she has been using for over a decade. She appreciates the longevity and quality of this product, which adds a natural flush of color to her cheeks.

Tinted Lip Balm

To complete her makeup look, Carey reaches for a tinted lip balm from Fresh. This product provides a subtle hint of color while maintaining the lips’ hydration, making them look plump and healthy.

Beauty Tips and Tricks

Having worked with various makeup artists throughout her career, Carey has picked up several beauty tips and tricks that she finds invaluable. She shares some of her favorites here:

Collaboration with makeup artists

Working with makeup artists allows Carey to explore different looks and creative concepts. She appreciates the collaborative process and embraces their professional expertise to bring her characters to life.

Covering a blemish

When dealing with a skin emergency, Carey shares a personal experience where she had an unsightly blemish before attending the Met Gala. She reached out to her hair stylist, who came to her aid by getting a fake fringe that perfectly matched her hair color. The transformative effect of the fake fringe amazed everyone at the event, showcasing how clever makeup and hairstyling techniques can cover imperfections and boost confidence.

Eyebrow grooming

Carey’s preference for well-groomed brows highlights the importance of eyebrow maintenance. Whether it’s plucking, shaping, or filling in, taking care of the eyebrows can significantly enhance the overall appearance of the face.

Natural-looking brows

Carey’s technique of lightly filling in her brows with an eyebrow pencil and brushing them upwards creates a more natural and fluffy look. This method avoids the harsh, overly defined brow trend and instead embraces a softer and more realistic finish.

Choosing the right mascara

By opting for a brown mascara instead of black, Carey achieves a softer and more natural effect on her lashes. She encourages experimenting with different mascara colors to find what works best for each individual’s features and desired look.

Eyeliner technique

Carey applies eyeliner to the outer corners of her eyes, which helps to open them up and create a more awake appearance. This technique is a simple yet effective way to enhance the eyes and create a subtle, flattering look.

Blush application

When applying blush, Carey believes in a natural and subtle approach. She prefers a blush that provides a soft flush of color for a fresh and youthful appearance.

Enhancing natural lip color

For a more natural and effortless look, Carey opts for a tinted lip balm that enhances her lips’ natural color. This allows her lips to appear plump and healthy while providing a hint of color.

Makeup Looks for Different Roles

As an actress, Carey has had the opportunity to portray various characters that require different makeup looks. She discusses some of her experiences with makeup and the transformative process of becoming a different person for a role.

Playing different ages and stages in Maestro

In her role in Maestro, Carey had the exciting challenge of portraying a character through different ages and stages of life. This required carefully crafted makeup looks that accurately reflected the passage of time. The makeup process for this film was fascinating and required collaboration between Carey and the makeup team to create convincing age transformations.

Playing the character Pamela in Saltburn

Playing the character Pamela in the film Saltburn allowed Carey to delve into a fun and fabulous makeup look. Pamela’s makeup required almost an entire mask of cosmetics, providing Carey with a chance to experiment with a variety of different products and techniques. She enjoyed the collaborative process and appreciated the creativity involved in bringing the character to life.

Transformative makeup process

Throughout her career, Carey has had the privilege of experiencing the transformative power of makeup. The process of becoming a character involves more than just changing physical appearances; it requires a deep understanding of the character’s psychology and emotional journey. Makeup plays an integral role in helping actors embody their characters fully.

Using makeup to portray a specific age

Makeup has the power to age or de-age actors, enabling them to convincingly portray characters of different ages. Carey’s role in Maestro involved using a range of makeup techniques to accurately depict the character’s journey from a young girl to a mature woman. This process showcases the incredible versatility and impact that makeup can have in the world of film and acting.

Carey Mulligans Skincare Routine: Beauty Secrets Revealed

Importance of Skincare and Makeup

Carey recognizes the importance of skincare and makeup, not only for personal reasons but also for professional purposes. She discusses the significance of appearance and presentation in various aspects of life, from academic futures to important social events.

Impact of appearance on academic future

As a parent, Carey recognizes the influence of appearance on her children’s academic futures. When attending parent-teacher conferences or school events, looking presentable can create a positive impression and potentially impact how her children are perceived by teachers and peers.

Taking skincare and makeup seriously

For Carey, skincare and makeup are not just fleeting trends but essential aspects of self-care. She believes in dedicating time and effort to these routines because they contribute to her overall well-being. By valuing these practices, Carey encourages everyone to prioritize self-care and indulge in the luxury of skincare and makeup.

Maintaining a presentable look for important events

As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Carey understands the pressure and expectation to maintain a presentable appearance for important events. Whether attending award shows or red carpet premieres, looking your best is essential. Skincare and makeup play integral roles in achieving a polished and confidence-boosting look.

Favorite Skincare and Makeup Products

Carey Mulligan shares her personal favorite skincare and makeup products, which have become staples in her beauty routine.

Hyaluronic myel H2O

Carey loves using Hyaluronic myel H2O in her skincare routine. This hydrating product helps replenish moisture in the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and nourished.

Advanced Skin Repair Serum

For a boost of hydration and rejuvenation, Carey swears by the Advanced Skin Repair Serum. Although the recommended amount is a small portion, Carey prefers using a generous amount for a more indulgent experience.

lcom Moisturizer

To lock in the hydration and keep her skin radiant and plump, Carey relies on a lightweight moisturizer from lcom. The refreshing scent and hydrating properties make it a go-to product for her.

La Mer eye cream

Carey has been using La Mer eye cream for a long time and considers it an essential part of her skincare routine. The luxurious eye cream helps reduce puffiness and hydrates the delicate skin around her eyes for a refreshed and youthful look.

is Clinical Essential Sunscreen

As an advocate for sun protection, Carey chooses the is Clinical Essential Sunscreen as her go-to product. She applies it daily, even when it’s cloudy, to shield her skin from harmful UV rays.

Sisly Concealer

For an impeccable complexion, Carey relies on the Sisly Concealer. This product provides excellent coverage and effectively hides any imperfections or blemishes, making it an essential part of her makeup routine.

Shantai Foundation

Carey’s foundation of choice is the Shantai Foundation. She enjoys using her fingers to apply it, finding the process simple and time-saving.

Sisly Concealer (makeup)

As part of her makeup routine, Carey uses the Sisly Concealer to create a flawless base. This concealer offers excellent coverage and blends seamlessly into the skin, providing a natural look.

Eyebrow pencil

To achieve well-groomed brows and enhance her facial features, Carey relies on an eyebrow pencil. This product helps define and fill in her brows, giving them a polished appearance.


Carey’s preferred eyeshadow shade is a neutral color that enhances her eyes without overpowering them. She focuses on subtlety, aiming to create a natural and effortless look.


Carey opts for a brown mascara as it provides a softer look compared to black. The brown color blends more naturally with her lashes, achieving a more subtle and elegant effect.


To add definition to her eyes, Carey applies eyeliner to the outer corners, giving them a slight lift. This technique helps create a more captivating and awake appearance.


For a fresh and youthful glow, Carey turns to a blush from Valentino that she has been using for many years. This blush adds a touch of color to her cheeks, enhancing her natural complexion.

Tinted lip balm

To complete her makeup look, Carey uses a tinted lip balm that adds a subtle hint of color while keeping her lips moisturized and healthy-looking.

Carey Mulligans Skincare Routine: Beauty Secrets Revealed

Haircare Routine

While Carey focuses mainly on skincare and makeup, she also shares some insights into her haircare routine.

Using Olex oil for flyaways

To tackle any flyaways or frizz, Carey relies on Olex oil. This product helps smooth out her hair and creates a more polished appearance.

Maintaining a good haircut

Taking care of her hair begins with a good haircut. Carey acknowledges the importance of having a skilled hairstylist who can provide a suitable cut that complements her features and personal style.


Carey Mulligan’s beauty routine showcases the effort and dedication she puts into taking care of her skin, enhancing her features with makeup, and portraying various characters through transformative looks. Her skincare and makeup routines highlight the importance of self-care, the creative collaboration with makeup artists, and the impact of appearance on different aspects of life. Carey’s favorite products and haircare insights provide a glimpse into her personal beauty journey, emphasizing the significance of individualized routines and finding products that enhance natural beauty.

In this video, actress Carey Mulligan shares her skincare routine and beauty secrets with you. She talks about her love for skincare and reveals her favorite products from brands like Keren Bartov, LancĂ´me, La Mer, and more. Carey also discusses her role in the movie Maestro, where she plays characters of different ages, and how she goes all out to transform her appearance for her movie roles. She even shares a memorable experience when a skin emergency turned into a stunning Met Gala look. If you’re interested in trying out the same beauty products loved by celebrities, you can shop them in The Beauty Secrets Shop. And remember, when you purchase something through the retail links provided, we earn an affiliate commission. Enjoy the video!

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