Ayo Edebiri Cooks a Miso Butter Pasta for Vogue

In the video titled “Ayo Edebiri Cooks a Miso Butter Pasta for Vogue,” actor and comedian Ayo Edebiri takes on the role of a chef as she shares her recipe for a delicious miso butter pasta. Throughout the video, Ayo also discusses her experiences on the FX show ‘The Bear,’ shares stories about her family, and talks about her aspirations as a comedian. Directed by Nina Ljeti and featuring various members of the production team, this captivating video showcases Ayo’s talent and charm as she effortlessly creates the pasta dish and tops it with furry cocki breadcrumbs. With her infectious personality and stylish Valentino dress, Ayo takes viewers on a culinary journey while providing entertaining anecdotes and insights into her life.

Vogue, known for its fashion news, beauty coverage, and cultural trends, presents this delightful cooking video starring IA Dey. With Ayo Edebiri in the lead, the video showcases her culinary skills as she walks viewers through the process of making miso butter pasta. Along the way, Ayo shares stories about her time on the show ‘The Bear,’ her family, and her experiences as a comedian. Directed by Nina Ljeti and featuring various members of the production team, this video is a delightful blend of cooking, storytelling, and entertainment. From chopping chilies to browning butter, making breadcrumbs, and cooking the pasta, Ayo takes viewers step-by-step on a delicious culinary journey. The end result is a beautifully plated miso butter pasta topped with breadcrumbs and a cracked egg, leaving viewers satisfied and eager to try the recipe themselves.

Ayo Edebiri Cooks a Miso Butter Pasta for Vogue

Overview of the video and its context

In this video, actor and comedian Ayo Edebiri takes on the challenge of cooking a miso butter pasta for Vogue. Throughout the video, Ayo shares stories about her experience on the hit FX show ‘The Bear,’ her family, and her aspirations as a comedian. The video is directed by Nina Ljeti and features various members of the production team. Vogue, known for its fashion news, beauty coverage, and celebrity style, provides a platform for Ayo to showcase her cooking skills and engaging personality.

Introduction to Ayo Edebiri and her background

Ayo Edebiri is an actor and comedian who gained recognition for her role on the FX show ‘The Bear.’ With her comedic talent and vibrant personality, Ayo has also made appearances on popular shows like Saturday Night Live (SNL). She brings her unique blend of humor and storytelling to the cooking video, making it an entertaining and engaging experience for viewers.

Ayo Edebiri Cooks a Miso Butter Pasta for Vogue

Ayo’s experience on the FX show ‘The Bear’ and her family

Ayo shares anecdotes about her time on ‘The Bear’ and the impact it has had on her career. She discusses how the show has opened doors for her and allowed her to connect with fellow comedians. Ayo also talks about her family and the humorous antics they got up to during a night out at a club. These personal stories give viewers a glimpse into Ayo’s life and add an extra layer of charm to the video.

The production team and director of the video

Nina Ljeti, a talented director, helms the video, ensuring that it captures Ayo’s personality and cooking expertise. The production team, led by Producer Gigi Chavarria, works behind the scenes to create a seamless and visually appealing video. Each member of the team plays a crucial role in bringing Ayo’s miso butter pasta recipe to life on screen.

Ayo Edebiri Cooks a Miso Butter Pasta for Vogue

Vogue’s reputation and focus areas

Vogue is a renowned fashion and lifestyle magazine that is known for its authority on fashion news, cultural trends, beauty coverage, and celebrity style. The magazine provides a platform for artists, actors, and comedians like Ayo Edebiri to showcase their talents and share their stories. By collaborating with Vogue, Ayo gains exposure to a broader audience and further establishes herself in the entertainment industry.

Description of the recipe and ingredients

Ayo introduces viewers to the miso butter pasta recipe, highlighting the simplicity and deliciousness of the dish. The recipe calls for spaghetti as the base, complemented by a flavorful sauce made with miso, butter, and other ingredients such as rice vinegar, palm, and lemon zest. Ayo’s engaging commentary and enthusiasm make the recipe seem accessible and exciting to try at home.

Ayo Edebiri Cooks a Miso Butter Pasta for Vogue

Ayo’s outfit and mention of her experience on SNL

Ayo showcases her personal style by wearing a stunning Valentino dress while cooking. Her fashion choice adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the video. Ayo also mentions her experience on SNL, emphasizing her passion for comedy and her appreciation for the iconic show. This reference further highlights Ayo’s achievements as a comedian and her rising success in the industry.

Humorous anecdote about Ayo’s parents at a club

Ayo shares a humorous anecdote about her parents’ behavior during a night out at a club. Her mother stayed out until the early hours of the morning, while her father struggled to stay awake despite being physically present. Ayo’s storytelling skills and comedic timing shine through as she recalls this entertaining family moment, adding a lighthearted touch to the video.

Step-by-step process of cooking the miso butter pasta

Ayo guides viewers through the step-by-step process of cooking the miso butter pasta, ensuring that even novice cooks can follow along. She starts by chopping the chilies, showcasing her knife skills and her love for kitchen gadgets like her Cleaver named Donna. Ayo then moves on to browning the butter, explaining how it adds depth and nuttiness to the dish. She also demonstrates how to make the breadcrumbs, complete with plum to bind them together. Her clear instructions make it easy for viewers to replicate the recipe at home.

Preparation: Chopping chilies, browning butter, making breadcrumbs

Ayo begins the cooking process by chopping the chilies, using her trusty Cleaver named Donna. She expresses her love for cutting ingredients and the joy it brings her. Ayo then moves on to browning the butter, sharing her preference for a richer and nuttier flavor profile. Lastly, she demonstrates how to make the breadcrumbs, showcasing her culinary expertise and creativity by adding palm for binding and flavor.

Cooking the pasta and making the plum wine highball drink

As the pasta water boils, Ayo moves on to cooking the spaghetti. She adds the pasta to the boiling water, ensuring it cooks to the perfect al dente texture. In the meantime, Ayo prepares a refreshing plum wine highball drink. She combines plum wine, whiskey, a splash of ginger juice, and carbonated soda to create a delicious and flavorful beverage. Ayo’s multitasking skills and ability to create unique drink pairings further enhance the overall dining experience.

Ayo’s thoughts on cooking for dinner parties and aspirations as a comedian

Ayo reflects on her feelings about cooking for dinner parties, revealing that she can sometimes feel stressed when there’s an audience. However, she recognizes that cooking for a small group of friends can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Ayo shares her aspirations as a comedian and explains how her passion for cooking intertwines with her artistic pursuits. She expresses her excitement to continue honing her comedy skills and making people laugh.

Ayo’s experience in culinary school and learning knife skills

Ayo shares her experience attending culinary school and the valuable lessons she learned, especially in regards to knife skills. She mentions how initially, she was afraid of heat, but culinary school taught her to embrace it. Ayo recalls a fun day in school where she got to experiment with different cooking techniques, including using blowtorches. Her experience in culinary school demonstrates her dedication to honing her cooking skills and her willingness to take risks in the kitchen.

Finishing the pasta: Adding miso to the browned butter and mixing with pasta

As the pasta cooks, Ayo moves on to finishing the pasta sauce. She adds miso to the browned butter, skillfully mixing the ingredients together to create a creamy, umami-packed sauce. Ayo’s expertise and attention to detail shine through as she demonstrates the proper technique for incorporating the miso into the butter. She emphasizes the importance of patience during this step, resulting in a harmonious combination of flavors.

Plating the pasta and topping it with breadcrumbs and a cracked egg

Once the pasta is cooked to perfection, Ayo expertly plates it, creating an enticing presentation. She sprinkles the pasta with the homemade breadcrumbs, adding texture and an extra layer of flavor. Ayo then cracks an egg on top, elevating the dish with a delicious and visually appealing touch. Her attention to detail and artistic flair make the final dish visually stunning and mouthwatering.

Ayo’s satisfaction with the pasta and gratitude to viewers

As Ayo takes her first bite of the miso butter pasta, she expresses her satisfaction with the end result. Her enthusiasm and genuine delight in the dish are evident as she relishes each bite. Ayo concludes the video by expressing her gratitude to the viewers for watching and supporting her culinary journey. She leaves viewers inspired to try new recipes and embrace their own culinary adventures.

In conclusion, Ayo Edebiri’s miso butter pasta cooking video for Vogue is a delightful blend of comedy, storytelling, and culinary expertise. Ayo’s engaging personality and entertaining anecdotes make the video an enjoyable and informative watch. Through her collaboration with Vogue, Ayo gains a platform to showcase her talents and share her passion for cooking with a wider audience. Her miso butter pasta recipe, complete with flavorful ingredients and step-by-step instructions, inspires viewers to try something new in the kitchen. With her aspirations as a comedian and her experience in culinary school, Ayo embodies the intersection between art and food. Overall, Ayo’s miso butter pasta video is a testament to her creativity, humor, and culinary skills, leaving viewers hungry for more.

In “Ayo Edebiri Cooks a Miso Butter Pasta for Vogue,” you will witness actor and comedian Ayo Edebiri showcasing her skills as she prepares a delectable miso butter pasta. Drawing upon her experiences playing Sydney Adamu on the popular FX show ‘The Bear,’ Ayo shares anecdotes about her family, comedy, and more. The video is directed by Nina Ljeti and features an exceptional team including director of photography Riccardo Mejia, editor Katie Wolford, and culinary producer Kiano Moju. You will also catch glimpses of the wonderful crew behind the scenes. Filmed at Historic Hudson Studios, this Vogue production promises to deliver a delightful experience. Be sure to stay updated with the latest from Vogue by subscribing to their YouTube channel and receiving their content directly in your inbox. You can also subscribe to their magazine for more exclusive content. Don’t miss out on their captivating new podcast, ‘In Vogue: The 1990s,’ which explores an intriguing era in fashion history. Vogue is the ultimate source for fashion news, cultural trends, beauty features, celebrity style, and fashion week updates.